Our in-house development team with an extensive know-how about sensor technology, data and software solutions leads us to the peak of the technically feasible. Your wishes and perceptions are always welcomed and will be taken care of.

System Integration

Our development team can integrate your utilized sensors and your POS data together in our platform XPERIOTM.

XPERIOTM is able to report errors via email or text message in addition to the graphical depiction of all accumulated data and the functional monitoring of the installed sensors. XPERIOTM has an easy to use interface for all applications.

In fact we integrate the following sensors:

  • 3D-cameras of Xovis, Bricksream, Hella
  • Radar sensors of Publicount
  • Warmth sensors of Irisys
  • WIFI-APs of Meraki, Foritnet
  • Staff-Exclusion of Publicount

We are planning:

  • 3D-Laser-Sensor (especially for public areas)
  • Cabin-Occupied-Indication
  • Parking-Occupied-Indication