XPERIOTM uses a wide-range of data sources such as sensory, 3D cameras, radar and heat sensors, Wi-Fi access-points and RFID for staff exclusion. Personal data, such as POS, weather-information and marketing-information, will also be included.

XPERIOTM will use this data to generate statistics for costumer-journeys, visitors-flow, customer-frequency, zoning and many more. XPERIOTM creates targeted forecasts according to the staff plan.

All this information will be visualized via sheet, graphics or heat maps. XPERIOTM can compare different locations, historical data and can create customized reports. Problems, failures and hardware-crashes will be reported via email or text message.

XPERIOTM will save the data in your intranet or our asian-based cloud-server. You can control XPERIOTM via web-interface on an internet browser through your desktop, smartphone or tablet. All relevant data will be connected fast and quickly. With our XPERIOTM platform you will have a powerful tool that gives you all relevant information about the customer behavior to create your successful marketing activities.